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Releasing the bonds of emotional pain and suffering while freeing yourself to live the full life of emotional freedom that you’ve always dreamed about is possible with Rapid Life Change. Adam’s philosophy is simple and his unique personalized rapid treatment approach puts Rapid Life Change in a class of its own. Everyone has success. Rapid Life Change offers a cutting-edge, evidence-based, scientific, proven, method to assure your results. Our staff consists of the finest trained professionals who are committed to you and your success. Eliminate the real cause of your problem so that you banish your symptoms and stay emotionally free forever.

  • We specialize in caring for the whole person, not just your problem or symptoms.
  • We customize a treatment program to meet your specific needs.
  • We meet you where you are are and support you until you get the results that you want.


The reason that the Rapid Life Change process is so much more successful than other methodologies is because Adam has blended together the best of neuroscience, neuropsychology and decades of experience to develop a formula that is proven successful to produce the specific results that you want.
Other protocols are based on the question Why. The belief is that understanding the reason for your problem, limitation, programmed response or behavior will eliminate it. This has proven over and over again to be false. We all know people that have been “therapied” for decades with limited results.
The Rapid Life Change Process is grounded in the the “How” Every problem, limitation, programmed response and behavior is the result of a process that begins in your brain. Similar to a recipe with a predictable result. Therefore changing the process will always immediately change the result. That’s why The Rapid Life Change Process produces rapid successful results.

Common reasons to use The Rapid Life Change Process:

Flourish After Divorce
Overcome Grief
End Addictions
Weight Loss
Stress, Tension, Anxiety and Panic
Banish Fears
Athletic Performance
Low Self-Esteem
Unwanted Responses and Behaviors
Emotional, Psychological and Physical Pain